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Time for Change

Family Values

For years families have been left behind. As your representative in Madison, Luke will fight every day to ensure that communities have the resources to empower the family structure. This includes providing resources to students at all levels of education, investing in our communities to bring people back to the district, and supporting our friends and neighbors. It is the support of each other that guarantees success in our communities.


We are in a crucial point in our lives where we can invest in alternative energy options to stimulate growth in the State of Wisconsin. The future, especially in rural Wisconsin, is clean energy. In Madison, I will work to get investments in clean energy. Clean energy has the capability to provide an alternative flow of income for farmers, manufacturers, and small businesses. This can only occur with an all-of-the-above energy solution.

Defend the Constitution

The United States Constitution is one of the most important documents in world history. As your representative, Luke will fight to never infringe on your Constitutional rights. In a time where Executive Authority is being overreached, the legislature must enforce checks and balances on the Executive Branch.

Promote Opportunity

Wisconsin businesses are losing millions and billions of dollars every day because of the mismanagement of the crisis by the Governor. As your representative, Luke will fight to move Wisconsin forward by promoting opportunities for small businesses and farmers by providing broadband investments and providing relief. In Madison, Luke will not abandon our small business and our workforce.


Expand Broadband

Wisconsin has many rural communities, and in Madison, Luke will work to help bring schools, and businesses to become more connected. Click the button below to learn about Wisconsin and broadband in every county.

Back the Badge

The men and women in blue are the heroes of our communities and we should support them in their roles.

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